Sunday, June 1, 2014

Toshiba C855D SM universal serial bus Driver Problem (Resolved)

Toshiba C855D SM universal serial bus Driver Problem (Resolved) Missing Drivers after Windows 7 Install

After the install of windows 7 on the Toshiba C855D I had issue with the serial bus not working.  The C855D had 2 of its 3 USB ports not working, including the USB 3.0 port.(Universal Serial Bus not working)

Toshiba C855D SM Bus (USB) Controller Issue

C855D USB Driver Problem

In order to resolve this issue, you will need to update your windows OS to the latest update.  Then you will need to go to AMD and download the Driver needed for the USB Filter.(I checked and downloaded AMD files from Toshiba and their drivers did not work)

AMD  - SM USB controller
AMD USB Filter Driver
This package is for motherboards with 700 series or newer AMD chipsets, and includes:
                          AMD Chipset Drivers
                          AMD AHCI Driver
                          AMD USB 3.0 Driver

Have AMD Auto check and install the driver for you.(This option did not work for me)
AMD Auto Driver check/install:

More Info: Tosibha Bios update:

Installing Windows 7 on a Tosibha C855D Laptop:

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